Veronica Dress, Dark Denim

Veronica Dress, Dark Denim

from 125.00

  • A-line dress

  • High collar and sleeves

  • contrast zipper for added detail

  • premium denim

Made out of a 10 oz denim. The heavier weighted denim requires a stronger weave when being made. This tight weave makes the fabric more durable and better quality so it last longer. It is 100% cotton so still is breathable. This dress can be machine washed and hang dried but because of the dye lots I recommend dry cleaning to maintain the rich color. 


This dress is made of 100% cotton and seaming that flatters every figure. The lines of the garment draw into the waist and out through the hip slightly, creating that Hour glass form. The sleeve is has a cone shape to allow for arm ease while keeping an appearance of a straight line. This dress also has pockets and as center front zipper to allow for easy wear and also styling. This piece can be layered with tops underneath or you can wear this dress open and layered as a jacket.


This dress fits true to size and fits a b/c cup in the bust. The fabric has a slight bit of give that allows a larger cup to fit. for smaller bust you may also size down to help the bust fit and still fit the waist.(sizing down typically works best across my larger sizes M-XL)

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