Size shouldn't matter

One of the coolest things about having my clothing line is getting to know the range of women that respond to it. Opinions about self image are always at the forefront of conversation. I find it interesting that we taunt ourselves over a number when really we should be in search of what fit well. No one human being is made the same. We are tall, short, round and slim. We have broad shoulders and petite frames. This list could go on and on so I’ll stop here. From a designers perspective I have tried to come as close as I can to the ideal measurement and even with that I still offer my clients alterations when I can. This season we have expanded our sizing to a 16! I am excited to have this offering as I work hard to include as many women as I can. So while there will be a new size number on the tag, shop for what fits you well and makes you feel good. If age is nothing but a number why can dress sizing be the same?

Brooke Santos