Smooches Baby!

Let’s be honest, there are stressful moments in life. Some moments are so stressful that they last longer than we like. When I am in these situations, I tend to feel trapped and need a getaway. To help clear my mind, I sometimes go for a walk or work out, but the thing that makes me happy the most is LIP GLOSS! A trip to Target and a new lip color soothes me. It’s one of my guilty pleasures I guess. I don’t wear much makeup, yet I have three makeup bags and two of them are filled with lip gloss. My favorite is Bobby Brown sheer lip color and NYX Butter gloss. In my mind if my lips look good and the color is vibrant I feel unstoppable. So the next time you are stressed head over to the store and get some lip color. Smooches Baby!

Brooke Santos