My story, this is only the beginning!

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Growing up I was always concerned with what I had on. I would change my clothes three times a day and had my favorite go to pieces even at the age of 5. I am told that my mother would dress me for school and I would come home with a different outfit on. I would pack a change of clothes and change at school. My mother saw my fascination with clothing and nurtured my creativity. She would allow me to express myself and began teaching me basic sewing at a young age. This continued through high school and in 2003 I went to college for Fashion Design and graduated top of my class in 2006. Over time I worked several corporate roles and continued to work on my art. I grew and developed my aesthetic as I fell in love with denim and lace. In 2017 I laid off from my corporate job and decided I never want to experience that again. So, after eleven years, I finally started my own design company. I always heard that if you do what you love success will come. I couldn't agree with that more. I dont sleep and cant shop or travel like I want to, but I am so happy to get up everyday and do what I love. I want to build a brand that represents women well and change lives. This is only my beginning!