Fittings inspire me

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While these are my designs and ideas it is important to me that it meet the need of my customer. Engaging with my clients and hearing from them gives me ideas on how to improve my product and keep it going. I also enjoy getting to know her up close and personal. Her walk, talk, style and story gives me inspiration. Recently I had the chance to meet with Lydia. She is a mother, wife, and career woman. I learned what she likes and looks for. Soft pretty things with a bit of edge. She offered advice to maybe add a leather jacket to pair with my lace blouse. She loved the leather skirt and twirled in it. She was already naming places where she needed to wear it and with what shoes. It's that feedback and experience that I enjoy the most. I've worked to provide garments that will wear well for WOMEN and I want to continue. This is for me, for you, for WOMEN.