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Blog for VCheri, called Girl Next Door

It's all in the details

Brooke Santos

When I design I sketch the same piece over a dozen times. I play with pattern and color placement considering the female figure. I do my best to consider what will flatter and what wont, keeping in mind different body types. It’s also important that my pieces are easy to style and wear. Although I like to keep my lines and silhouettes simple to flatter many, I also give great thought to the details like seaming, trims, and pattern play. She must look great at every angle and turn heads every where she goes. You can see all of the variations of jackets sketched before I chose the “Valerie jacket”.

Behind the scenes of building my brand

Brooke Santos

I’ve been working out of a spare bedroom in my home since 2008. I work in the early mornings and after my daughters bedtime into the crack of dawn. There isn’t a moment of my day where I don't think about VCHERI. What kind of clothes she needs or how to make the existing skirt better. It’s constant. It’s everyday, ALL day. It’s my dream and a huge part of who I am.


Fun with clients

Brooke Santos

I love to work with people in general, and fortunately I get to do that while doing what I love. Getting to know people is fascinating. You never know what you can learn or who can inspire you. Just recently I met with a client who left a six figure salary to do what she loved, and be with her family. I thought that was amazing and showed great value for the things that matter the most. This was inspiring to me because it’s so easy to lose focus on what’s important. It's clients stories like this that keeps me going. Do what you love, and love those who you do it for and with.

My story, this is only the beginning!

Brooke Santos

Growing up I was always concerned with what I had on. I would change my clothes three times a day and had my favorite go to pieces even at the age of 5. I am told that my mother would dress me for school and I would come home with a different outfit on. I would pack a change of clothes and change at school. My mother saw my fascination with clothing and nurtured my creativity. 

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