Veronica "Cheri" Schofield is a young clothing designer with a unique

vision for the stylish women on the go. VCheri Designs embody classic

textures with fresh colorful functionality. Her designs convey

confidence, beauty, and satisfaction to those that take an interest in

her creations.

Veronica patterned her first ventures into the clothing business after

her mom--- a career seamstress in New Orleans.

Growing up Veronica watched her mother change

lives through clothing. Her mother provided

solutions with style. As a young mom, Veronica struggled to find

clothing that looked great and didn't age her. Veronica took her

mother’s philosophy and decided to use her own talent to provide a

resolution to young mothers and all young women on the go. It is

VCheri's vision that all women not only look great, but feel prepared to

conquer their day.

Veronica's work has been featured in online and print publications

like Oxygen Magazine, XEX Magazine, New Orleans Gambit Magazine,

Design Scene, and most recently Elegant Magazine.

This New Orleans native has settled down in Houston,

and has just released her first retail capsule

collection in partnership with "Launch",

an emerging designer Pop-Up Shop, in the 2nd quarter of 2017.

In addition, VCheri has carved out her

own presence on the web producing her first line of apparel in 2017.

The way we dress today is not the way we dressed yesterday. We do business differently, shop differently, eat differently. Everything is different. How great would it be to own an article of clothing that will meet whatever difference you may encounter? Beautiful, easy to wear, classic functionality.
— VCheri